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Clients who wish to succeed in an innovation-driven environment marked by numerous and complex regulations need to have the right partner – a partner who explores new opportunities for first movers and also creates new possibilities. 

Those in search of a sparring partner they can trust, one with proven industry expertise, will find what they’re looking for at the DORDA Health & Life Science Group, where top-notch attorneys work with clients to develop strategies that go far beyond the provision of legal advice. The DORDA Health & Life Science Group empowers clients with maximum scope for action with reliable approaches that enable successful business while also taking all legal issues into account. 

Leading players in the life sciences industry and promising health-tech start-ups rely on the Austrian market leader with an international Tier 1 reputation. Working together for the achievement of one goal: Empowering future healthcare.


Current topics


Pharmaceutical companies facing claims for damages after Covid vaccinations

LSPG Spring Meeting

LSPG Spring Meeting 2022
Megatrends in the Life Science Sector


Obligatory COVID-19 vaccination:
plans, legal framework, fines


  • Early identification of legal trends
  • Reimbursement and pricing disputes and negotiations
  • Data protection in the life sciences sector
  • Public law and civil proceedings on product liability, advertising and sales restrictions and advice on product liability issues
  • Consulting in all regulatory issues (Austria and EU)
  • Contracts for clinical and non-clinical studies
  • Internal/external audits and compliance checks (FCPA, anti-corruption regulations)
  • Implementation of whistleblowing hotlines and support for whistleblowing procedures
  • M&A, private equity, venture capital and capital market transactions in the life sciences sector

(Chambers 2020)

15 years of sector expertise, 10 dedicated specialists, 6 disciplines:

A powerhouse whose people power is based on the great diversity of the skills, personalities and backgrounds of attorneys who think outside the box, treat their clients as equal partners and do everything they can to empower their clients to the greatest extent possible.

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