Clear guidance through a highly regulated market.

Extensive regulation, a dynamic market environment and digitalization are putting immense pressure on the insurance industry to change, and advice from experts with tried and tested theoretical and practical expertise in national and international insurance law is becoming more and more important. DORDA helps insurance underwriters, firms, brokers and supervisory boards design complex and novel insurance products and process claims. We provide advice on insurance transaction law for the purpose of underwriting, establishing branches and subsidiaries or transferring portfolios. We assist underwriters with investments, especially complex investments, from fintech and leisure facilities through to distribution partners, thereby boosting the use of digital products and innovative sales channels.


  • Claim processing – claim reports, claim settlements, cover assessments; liability/recourse against third parties
  • Contract/policy design – drafting insurance contracts and structuring products; adapting products to (hard) Austrian law and market practices
  • Providing legal advice and drafting insurance documents for standard/group contracts, online sales (IDD, ESG)
  • Advising on insurance investment products and identifying and addressing sustainability risks
  • Advice on supervisory law – incorporation of insurance firms, subsidiaries and domestic branches; compliance and money laundering; advice and representation before the Financial Market Authority (FMA)
  • Dispute resolution – mediation, arbitration, lawsuits
  • Insurance transaction law – portfolio transfer, acquisition of insurance firms