Media & Social Media

Clear guidance through the media jungle.

The boom in digital media has altered the media landscape forever. The focus now is on identifying how current laws affect new communications channels: Data protection and intellectual property rights are in the spotlight. The media and advertising industry has to contend with multiple new regulations, which have to be reconcile in client's advertising strategies. The media law specialists at DORDA advise on both traditional and digital media.

Social Media

Professional digital communication and strategic management of social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or TikTok is an absolute must for businesses and organizations. DORDA helps clients design, launch and extend their online presence and review their communications activities to ensure their compliance.

DORDA helps clients to assert claims when their rights are infringed and defend cease and desist requests and lawsuits. Our experience comes from years of advising prestigious businesses, influencers and startups on their social media activities.

DORDA specializes in internet-related issues and digitalization. Since its inception in 2005, the practice team set up by Axel Anderl has particularly covered the interfaces between the various overlapping legal aspects in this area. The team of 14 experts also advises on data protection, intellectual property law, IT law and competition law

DORDA Practice Area Medienrecht und Social Media


  • Legal advice for all market players in the media and communications industry
  • Strategic advice for media campaigns
  • Reputational damage prevention and containment
  • Privacy claims
  • Ensuring digital communications to comply with data protection rules
  • Enforcing legal notices and disclosure requirements
  • Advising on due diligence requirements of journalists 
  • Overseeing influencer marketing
  • Enforcing counterstatement rights
  • Advising on media transparency and the Lobbying Act 
  • Advising during implementation and social media management
  • Ensuring digital communications to comply in practice
  • Preparing social media guidelines 
  • Enforcing the right to have unlawful postings taken down
  • Providing support in the event of cease and desist declarations and legal disputes