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Disclosure according to Section 25 of the Austrian Media Law (MedienG) and information according to Section 5 of the Austrian E-Commerce Law (ECG) as well as Section 14 of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB):

DORDA Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Universitätsring 10
1010 Vienna, Austria

T +43-1-533 4795-0
F +43-1-533 4797

FN 188155 z Handelsgericht Wien
UID: ATU 47842303

Responsible chamber: Rechtsanwaltskammer Wien
Here you will find the official text of the Rechtsanwaltsordnung (RAO), Richtlinien (RL-BA) and CCBE-Berufsregeln.

Purpose of the company: exercise of the legal profession, in particular by continuing the business of Dorda, Brugger & Jordis Rechtsanwälte - Partnerschaft (FN 9836s), pursuant to § 1b Abs 2 RAO and all transactions and measures which appear necessary or useful to achieve the object of the company; however, banking transactions and activities exclusively reserved for accountants or trustees are excluded.

Direction of the medium: This website and the DORDA newsletter are classified as communications media and are addressed to clients as well as other persons interested in legal matters. Topics are the presentation of DORDA as well as information on current legal issues.

Executives:  Dr Florian Kremslehner, Mag Thomas Angermair, Dr Martin Brodey, Dr Andreas W Mayr, Dr Andreas Zahradnik, Dr Tibor Varga, MMag Stefan Artner, Mag Christoph Brogyányi, Dr Paul Doralt, Dr Axel Anderl, Dr Jürgen Kittel, MMag Dr Felix Hörlsberger, Priv-Doz Dr Bernhard Müller, Dr Bernhard Rieder, Mag Francine Brogyányi, Dr Veit Öhlberger, Dr Heinrich Kühnert, Dr Christian Ritschka.

Shareholders: Dr Tibor Varga at 11,7844%. Dr Axel Anderl, Mag Thomas Angermair, MMag Stefan Artner, Mag Christoph Brogyányi, Mag Francine Brogyányi, Dr Paul Doralt, MMag Dr Felix Hörlsberger, Dr Jürgen Kittel, Dr Florian Kremslehner, Dr Andreas W. Mayr, Priv-Doz Dr Bernhard Müller, Dr Bernhard Rieder, Dr Andreas Zahradnik und Dr Veit Öhlberger each at 5,877 %. Dreieichen Privatstiftung at 5,8466 %. Dr Martin Brodey, Dr Heinrich Kühnert und Dr Christian Ritschka each at 0,0304 %.


The website and the content provided therein have been carefully composed. However, they are for general information purposes only and cannot replace individual legal advice. We therefore assume no liability for the accuracy and correctness of any information. DORDA accepts no liability for any links to external websites.


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