Trade & Distribution

Clear guidance for healthy economic activity.

Commercial enterprises spend a lot of time and personnel resources dealing with market regulations and digital transformation. A successful product launch involves numerous strategic issues and aspects of commerce and distribution law. DORDA provides valuable support with national and international trading agreements, including sales, supply, agency, dealership and franchise contracts.

Manufacturers, suppliers, agents, distributors and franchisors/franchisees rely on our expertise. DORDA advises on every legal issue along the value added chain, from structuring and contractual arrangements to dismissal and contract cancellation, and provides support with out-of-court solutions and in courts and arbitral tribunals. We use our knowledge of international regulations to ensure clients are thoroughly prepared for the multilateral issues that arise under commercial and distribution law.

DORDA Practice Area Handel und Vertrieb


  • Sales, supply, agency, distribution, and franchise agreements
  • Structuring, due diligence and restructuring of sales, agent, dealership and franchise networks
  • Protection of intellectual property and know-how in agency, distribution, and franchise agreements
  • Agency-, distribution- and franchise-related antitrust issues
  • Sale of distribution businesses and closure-related issues
  • Compensation and investment cost recovery claims
  • Termination of distribution contracts and defence of related claims
  • Scheduling and settlement packages
  • Court and arbitration proceedings