Real Estate & Construction

Guaranteed 360° approach to handle real estate transactions.

Real estate projects have to comply with highly varied requirements and laws. DORDA advises vendors, buyers, investors and developers on the legal aspects of all manners of real estate and construction transactions, whatever their order of magnitude. We support clients from the planning phase onwards, by preparing transaction documents and ensuring that they choose the financial and fiscal solution that works best for them.

The DORDA Construction Group goes a step further by pooling our expertise in construction and real estate law and supporting clients throughout the entire process, from project planning and tendering through to claim management, representation in arbitral tribunals and courts, preparation of transaction contracts and the sale of a project.


  • Real estate acquisitions and sales and portfolio transactions
  • Guidance on all classes of assets (offices, logistics, residential, hotel contracts, serviced apartments)
  • Forward purchase and forward funding transactions
  • Sale-and-lease-back and  demerger of properties
  • Due diligence for real estate projects
  • Retail, office and other leases
  • Open and closed fund management
  • Contracts with builders, architects and general contractors
  • Development projects under the Austrian Development Contracts Act (Bauträgervertragsgesetz)
  • Transfer of property and public building law
  • Support throughout real estate development projects
  • Real estate-related disputes and lawsuits