DORDA Attorneys at Law successfully advised Alcmene Group on Strategic Energy Infrastructure Deal

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DORDA's team, led by Andreas Mayr, Head of one of DORDA‘s M&A Teams, and M&A Principal Associate  Florian Nikolai in conjunction with the expertise of DORDA Partners Christoph Brogyányi (Capital Markets, Corporate Law) and Heinrich Kühnert (Competition & Antitrust) supported by M&A Asscociates, Philipp Fedan and Isabel Maurer, has successfully navigated the intricacies of this deal, addressing corporate and regulatory challenges.

This landmark transaction signifies a significant stride towards Alcmene's vision of establishing itself as a global leader in the energy infrastructure sector.

Alcmene Group, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has strategically enhanced its portfolio by securing a 25% stake in MIRO Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein GmbH & Co. KG. This acquisition seamlessly aligns with the overarching investment strategy of Liwathon Group, the parent company of Alcmene, which boasts ownership of more than 2,100,000 m³ of storage space across key terminals in Estonia and the Bahamas. Liwathon's global presence in the energy sector is continually reinforced through its investment initiatives.

Alcmene, a wholly owned subsidiary of Liwathon Group, specializes in midstream oil and commodity trading. Its core mission is to unlock asset value through substantial capital investments and identify synergies within the group, paving the way for future acquisitions in the energy and industrial sectors.

Andreas Mayr: We are proud to have advised in this transformative transaction, further solidifying Alcmene's standing in the energy sector. As a premier law firm distinguished for its exceptional legal expertise, DORDA remains steadfast in supporting its clients in the realization of their strategic objectives.”