In a League of their own - DORDA Partners Win Repeatedly at Lexology Client Choice Awards

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Axel Anderl, Managing Partner and Head of the Digital Industries Group at DORDA, was awarded the Client Choice Award for IT & Internet for the 9th time. Bernhard Müller, Head of Public, EU and Procurement Law, was elected for Public Law for the second time.

Vienna, 14 October 2021 - Only the best lawyers worldwide are honoured at the annual Lexology Client Choice Awards for their outstanding performance regarding client care and ethics. Only senior in-house counsel are invited to determine the winners who are selected on the basis of more than 2,000 individual client evaluations

Axel Anderl was again awarded in 2021 on the basis of outstanding evaluations by the in-house lawyers interviewed. The feedback highlights Anderl's pragmatic approach and his ability to quickly grasp circumstances to the benefit of his clients. They also acknowledge his outstanding commitment to their specific needs coupled with essential industry know-how. As in previous years, the interviewed in-house lawyers see Axel internationally at the forefront and always up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

Axel Anderl comments: "I am particularly pleased about the ILO Client Choice, as the award is based on client feedback. Customer satisfaction is the highest honour for us as a service provider. It motivates me and my constantly growing team to perform at the highest levels. This is the basis for further quantitative and qualitative growth - last year, for example, we promoted Nino Tlapak, a long-standing data protection expert, to partner and Alexandra Ciarnau, a longstanding and experienced member of our team, to lawyer in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence. As a result, the team has become even broader and more specialised. I really would like to thank all in-house lawyers for their overwhelming positive feedback that made this distinction possible."

Bernhard Müller, Expert in Public Law, EU and Public Procurement Law, has again received the Lexology award for Public Law after his last honour in 2019. Müller is known for his profound legal knowledge: a stringent methodology combined with his quick grasp of facts enables him to realise practical solutions for his clients. He develops clear strategies and implements theme in an entrepreneurial manner. His expertise is not only sought after in advisory matters, but also in proceedings before the Supreme Court in Austria.

"Together with my team, I am very pleased with the award and thank my clients for the trust they have placed in me. The Client Choice Award is a very special recognition because it is client driven. This is the incentive that drives us: in the area of client care we find tailor-made solutions that meet the highest professional standards, yet at the same time are pragmatic and solution-oriented. This is how we ensure the client gets what they really need." says Bernhard Müller.