Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2023

The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration is a collection of articles and essays on current issues and hot topics in commercial and investment arbitration and provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments in arbitration.

The present 17th edition contains 19 contributions from altogether 45 leading practitioners and academics. The contributions include reports providing insights into the successful work of the VIAC and an update on recent Austrian court decisions and publications in the field of arbitration.

The Yearbook includes the keynote speech at the VAD 2022 and the “Vienna propositions for the Resolution of Shareholder and Corporate Disputes”. Other contributions address a variety of topics, predominantly concentrating on commercial and investment arbitration, including

  • disputes in Austrian private foundations and arbitration agreements in foundation deeds,
  • third-party funding, or
  • ECJ decisions on investment arbitrations after Achmea,

and other hot topics such as

  • the Energy Charter Treaty, sustainability, or
  • multiparty–multicontract arbitrations.

Under the title "Resolving Disputes in Austrian Private Foundation" Florian Kremslehner and Ann-Kathrin Rechny analyzed typical conflicts within Austrian private foundations between certain categories of claimants (founders, beneficiaries, directors) and their respective counterparties, including the foundation itself.

As an alternative dispute resolution they propose implementing a Dispute Resolution Board ("DBR") within private foundations and outline how one might be established to resolve controversies before they develop into a formal dispute.

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