The recent break throughs of LLMs and generative AI have hugely influenced the way we think about machine learning and it's potential applications. We are dedicating this Part 2 of the LLM focus series to a topic which is not getting enough attention when developing ML use cases. Aside from the pure technical challenges, there is an increasingly need for ML models to be well governed, trustworthy, unbiased and explainable. To address these (and many more) issues, the EU has recently adopted the AI Act in order to establish a legal framework. Learn about the recent developments and what their implications are on the possibilities of and requirements on ML and LLM models.

"The impact of the AI Act on ML and LLMs" Alexandra Ciarnau, Co-Head of DORDA's Digital Industries Group

"ML Governance, Trustworthy AI and Implications for LLMs" Thomas Jirku, Sr. Technical Sales Data Science & AI - IB

Cloudflight, Walcherstraße 1A/Stiege 3, 1020 Wien
Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 6:00 PM