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Vienna Perspective - 2011

MEALEY’S International Arbitration Report, Vol. 26, April 2011
1. März 2011

The following article presents a commentary on recent arbitration-related decisions by the Austrian Supreme Court and is the second of an annual contribution that provides readers with a ‘‘Vienna Perspective’’ on issues relevant for international arbitration. This year we focus on a decision dealing with the setting aside of an arbitral award based on a violation of the right to be heard because a party’s request for an oral hearing had been ignored. To provide a comparison in which circumstances such arguments have not been successful, we discuss in our overview section another decision that concerns the right to be heard and oral hearings. Other decisions in our overview section address arbitration-related interim measures, the validity of an arbitration clause in a distribution contract, the effects of an arbitration clause in a CMR bill of lading as well as the objective arbitrability of shareholder disputes under Austrian law.

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