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DORDA is dedicated to ensuring equality between men and women, which is why highly effective programmes such as the women@DORDA initiative are being constantly further developed at our law firm. In addition, one of the key agenda items for our management team focuses on ensuring equal opportunity throughout all stages of one’s career. Within the framework of an all-round 360° review, partners at DORDA are assessed with regard to how successful they are in ensuring equal opportunities in their own teams.

At the moment, around 50% of the attorneys at DORDA are women, as are some 55% of the firm’s trainee lawyers. The principle of equal pay for equal work has been fully implemented at DORDA. The next step will involve increasing the share of women among our firm’s partners. Challenge accepted.




Inspiration from role models.
Making each other better. Learning from the best.

The Inspirational Breakfast brings together women attorneys at DORDA four times a year for a pleasant get-together in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Regardless of whether discussions focus on professional or private topics – the event always offers the women an opportunity to get to know one another better (irrespective of which stage of their career they happen to be in), support each other and establish and expand internal networks.

The quarterly evening event “Looking for role models! Because you can’t be what you can’t see!” allows women attorneys at DORDA to meet inspiring female role models from the business world, politics, law and the realm of science and technology, all of whom offer an up-close personal look at their lives and careers.

Guaranteed to be exciting and extremely helpful!


Strong support.
For powerful development.


The women@ DORDA mentoring programme helps young female attorneys at DORDA realize their full potential.


Here, experienced women attorneys and partners at DORDA conduct mentoring discussions on a regular basis and offer ideas, advice and support with regard to career development opportunities. The mentoring programme thus helps our women attorneys better understand themselves and the possibilities DORDA offers them, all in line with the principle of challenging and supporting – and offering opportunities for career advancement.

Conversely, the mentoring programme provides DORDA with valuable feedback and fresh ideas that enable us to become an even better employer.

Goal-oriented give and take.
Together. In a team.

(Women in Business Law Awards Europe 2021)

women@DORDA. Outstanding!

The women@ DORDA initiative under the direction of DORDA Managing Partner brings together attorneys with diverse personalities and experience, all of whom also have extensive expertise.

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