D O R D A delivers Clarity.

What exactly does this mean?

With its Dedicated Industry GroupsD O R D A is responding to increasingly complex markets. The experts in our Dedicated Industry Groups combine their in-depth expertise, which includes knowledge of various industry interfaces, to offer interdisciplinary legal advice from a single point of contact. Combined Brains for Complex Challenges.

The D O R D A Focused Practice approach offers clients legal services in 25 specialised areas, whereby these services are provided by expert teams led by a partner in each case. Our extensive knowledge in individual legal fields is demonstrated by a proven decades-long track record.

We consistently offer

  • clear recommendations for action
  • a proactive advisory approach
  • rapid response times

This ensures that we and our clients can proceed with confidence, and that we are capable of highly effective tactical manoeuvres at any time if necessary.

D O R D A is an outstanding* partner for addressing complex problems in all areas of commercial and business law. Our holistic approach goes far beyond legal advice alone, and successful companies have also come to rely upon it – for 45 years now.

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