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Lisa Kulmer is promoted to Attorney at Law at DORDA

Monday, 5 November 2018

Lisa Kulmer (32) has returned to DORDA's employment law team and was promoted to Attorney at Law. She specialises in labour and social insurance law, outsourcing and restructuring. Lisa Kulmer has already worked for DORDA between 2011 and 2016, first as an associate and then as an attorney in all matters relating to labour law. To broaden her experience, she joined Erste Bank as Legal Counsel in 2017/18. Among her responsibilities, tasks included drawing up works agreements, providing legal support for ongoing HR projects and coordinating with the works council.  Lisa is a regular author of articles in academic and professional journals, in which she covers, inter alia, aspects of working time law and equal treatment/discrimination. Her know-how is now available for all enquiries to DORDA concerning legal matters of human resources management.

The Employment Law team of DORDA engages in the practice of labour law from both the employer's and employee's perspective. The specialisation ranges from complex employment contracts to stock options, pension contracts and termination proceedings. Employers often seek the advice of DORDA employment law experts.

Lisa Kulmer, who was born in Wels, has been dealing with labour law issues since her studies at the University of Vienna. She started out as a trainee in DORDA’s employment law practice in 2007/08. After graduating in 2008, she worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Austrian and European Labour and Social Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration for a year. This was followed by a legal internship at the Oberlandesgericht Wien (Vienna Higher Regional Court), the specialisation as an employment law expert at DORDA and her in between experience as HR Legal Counsel at Erste Bank.

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