DORDA Corona Task Force

DORDA Corona Task Force
Monday, 18 January 2021

On 17 November with the COVID-19 emergency measures regulation a second strict Lockdown with extensive curfews and the closing of trade, catering trade, hotel trade and certain service enterprises comes into force. Events are also largely prohibited. We will inform you about the measures taken and keep you up to date on further developments.

Your DORDA team

  • Civil Litigation - Does the operation of the courts remain unchanged in civil proceedings?
    What effects do COVID-19 and the measures recently adopted by the federal government have on civil proceedings?

  • Consumer Protection - Online trading as a way out of the COVID-19-crisis
    By switching to online trading companies can remain competitive. Thereby, numerous consumer protection regulations have to be observed.

  • Contract Law - What des COVID-19 mean for my contract?
    The most important questions and answers regarding the impact of COVID-19 on contracts.

  • Corporate Law - What effects does the current situation have on planned general meetings?
    ​Can general meetings be held? And are there any delays in company registrations?
  • Data Protection - COVID-19 infections - Which data protection aspects must entrepreneurs take into account when processing health data and what has to be considered for home working?
  • Employment - What must, what may employers now observe?
    The situation around COVID-19 presents us all with new challenges. We provide answers to the most important labour law questions and present the new regulations.
  • Financing - The first part of the article deals with various legal issues that may be relevant to financing in connection with the measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.
  • Insolvency & Restructuring - How can managers and board members avoid personal liability for the financial impact of the Corona crisis on the company they manage?
    Precautionary measures to avoid insolvency
  • Insurance - Which insurance covers Corona damages? ​What do you have to do to not lose coverage?
  • M&A and Capital Markets - What needs to be considered?
    COVID-19 poses major challenges for (cross-border) M&A transactions as well as for capital market deals.
  • Public law - What rights of recourse do companies have under the Epidemic Act?​
    In the meantime, 5 COVID measure laws have already been passed in a few weeks, thus creating a large number of new laws, but also changing existing legal norms - the situation is more than confusing. This article tries to bring light into the dark and give a clear insight into all essential regulations. In addition, the various traffic restrictions and explanations of restricted areas are also described.
  • Real Estate and Tenancy Law - Q&A on real estate and tenancy law
    Tenancy law consequences due to the current situation regarding COVID-19.
  • Regulatory Law for credit institutions and financial service providers - Which legal requirements must be observed?
    In the following overview, some of the key questions that arise for credit institutions - but also for other financial service providers - are dealt with.
  • Subsidies and State Aid Law - What measures has the government planned to relieve the burden?
    The corona pandemic will have a massive impact on the economy. The Federal Government wants to take countermeasures at an early stage and announced on 18 March that it would expand the EUR 4 billion aid package to EUR 38 billion. This briefing provides a brief overview of the support measures known to date, as well as their likely implications under state aid law.
  • Tax Law and annual financial statements - Impacts on Taxation, Financial Statements, Ability to distribute dividends. What you have to watch out for!
    The Corona virus has dramatic consequences for most Austrian enterprises.  But could it even have an impact on their 2019 financial statements (provided they were not resolved and filed yet)?
  • Trade & Distribution - What are the legal consequences of the official measures taken to curb the spread of Covid-19 for entrepreneurs for their commercial contracts? Who is liable for delivery failures?