Our Values

D O R D A stands for far-sightedness, ease of mind and diversity.

How you benefit

By this we mean looking ahead, anticipating developments and planning accordingly.

This ensures maximum room for manoeuvre at a minimal risk, which is exactly what our clients request again and again. Our interdisciplinary in-house expertise enables us to consistently keep our eye on “the big picture”. This results in the provision of advice that extends beyond the particular area in question – advice that is also strategic and, above all, proactive in nature.

Peace of mind.
The best possible service we can offer our clients: Making their lives easier by offering them peace of mind.

We do this by making their problems our problems, thinking ahead courageously and acting responsibly. This makes their lives easier and allows them to turn to other important matters – which they can now address without having to worry about the things we’re managing for them.

Diversity can sometimes be a challenge – but for us it’s also an asset and an opportunity.

Thinking about things from a different perspective, and using new ways of thinking to create additional scope for action: Our clients appreciate “the colourful range of people” they encounter when they come to us. We know that trust is based on understanding, which is why our clients are always served by the right experts in each case.










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